The Tribo-System and Its Parameter

In a very simplistic view, a tribological system is a more or less well lubricated friction point, which is induced by the contact and the relative movement of two parts. If it squeaks, put a little oil on it, and it works! This would be that nice…

The reality, however, is (unfortunately) much more complex. Due to the enormous, increasing power densities of modern mechanical units, specialised, highly efficient lubricants are usually necessary to maintain the desired operating characteristics.

In order to be able to select these, an exact knowledge of the existing tribosystem is necessary – this consists of structural elements with respectively assigned parameters (see picture). These parameter are to be collected comprehensively. The appropriate lubricant can be derived from the thorough analysis of the collected parameter.

We are pleased to make use of our experience and extensive knowledge to determine the best solution for your tribological problem.

microGLEIT® Tribology Solutions – we are happy to support you!

Friction Part 1 Friction Contact Friction Part 2
Substance Properties Parameter Power Impact Substance Properties
Forming Characteristics Parameter Lubricating Gap Forming Characteristics
Interactions Type of Friction
Temperature Dynamics Material Interaction Temperature Dynamics
Motion Lubricant Environment
Parameter Type Formulation Temperature
Motion Sequence
– Linar
– Circulating
– V=c. V≠c
– Oszillating f (Hz)
Physical Parameter Rel. Humidity %
Operation Time Chemical Parameter Environment
– Media,
– Corrosiveness,
– Compatibility, …
Relative Velocity Temperature Spec. Conditions
– Radiation, Vacuum
– H1/H2
– Process, …
Int. Dynamics