microGLEIT® Special Products
The Best of Their Kind

In addition to the products from the core portfolio, microGLEIT® also offers other specialties, each of which is one of the best on the market. In addition, microGLEIT® also offers customized products – tailor made exactly to the needs of the customer or the application.

The specialties available as from the shelf always meet the premium standards of microGLEIT® and are characterized by exceptional performance.

microGLEIT® lubricating fluids of the LF series solve problems with friction and wear in production, maintenance and servicing.

  • The Fluids LF 110 and LF 115 are based on a synthetic, biodegradable base oil. A special additive package enables excellent lubricity and very good corrosion  protection. Due to its spreading effect, the fluid penetrates deep into the lubrication point and is also very effective for loosening rusted connections. LF 110 contains some alcohol – this further increases the spreading effect and gives the product a high cleaning power.
  • The drilling and cutting oil LF 195 High-Cut is characterised by an environmentally friendly formulation and excellent performance in the application.
  • The Fluids microGLEIT® LF 155 and Hot Chili are excellent lubricants for industrial chains or motorcycle chains. All properties important for the chain drive, such as adhesion, corrosion protection, lubricity, compatibility and applicability, are at their peak.
  • Silicones have their place in tribology because of their good properties. The silicone compound microGLEIT® SP 560 is based on a high quality silicone oil in an inorganic thickener. The product is suitable for a variety of applications where
    ‣ temperature resistance,
    ‣ physiological safety,
    ‣ good lubricating performance, especially for material pairings with plastics or elastomers,
    ‣ and water resistance are important parameters.
  • Perfluorinated polyether oils (PFPE-Oils) have exceptional properties and are used as tribological problem solvers when other types of oils can no
    longer meet the requirements. The products of the microGLEIT® PP series use these properties – PP 620 and PP 640 are excellent greases with high lubricity, chemical resistance (also O2), temperature resistance, very good material compatibility, physiological safety, incombustibility, …

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LF 110 (S)
Bio-Rust-Loosener “4 in 1” Bio-degradeable
synthetic oil
Spray -20 to +80 Rust loosener, cleaner, lubricating oil, corrosion protection in one product; great also for bicycle chains!

LF 115
Bio-Lubrication Fluid Bio-degradeable
synthetic oil
-20 to +100 Premium lubrication fluid corrosion protection and rust loosener

LF 155 (S)
White, Adhesive Chain Lubricant Semi-synthetic oil
26″ @ 3mm -15 to +125 Adhesive fluid for lubrication of chains and wire ropes

LF 195
Drilling and Cutting Fluid
Bio-synthetic Oil,
2 Solves even difficult cutting tasks

Hot Chili
White Chain Lubricant “The Best for the Chain” Semi-synthetic oil
Spray -15 to +130 Best lubrication, adhesion and corrosion protection, O-ring compatible

SP 560
Special Silicone-Compound Silicone oil inorganic thickener 2 -40 to +200 Universal Si-grease, compatible with plastics, elastomers & environment

PP 620
Inert, Superfine High
Temperature Grease
2 -25 to +260 The maximum – if nothing else works; chemically resistant, for high temperatures; high load carrying capacity

PP 640
Inert, Superfine High
Temperature Grease
PFPE -oil
1-2 -25 to +260


TN 9009 Colour Master Batch for DF-Series blue – green – red For water based fluids
AF 90 Defoaming Agent For water based fluids
UV-Additive UV-Indikator Makes the invisible visible!

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