Our Focus for Your Success!

FOCUS for success – we do not want to do everything, but where we are active, we belong to the best and strive for a leading position.
We understand ourselves as ‚Center of Competence‘ – we are leading in product segments we have selected deliberately.
  • Dry film lubricants and sealants for all types of threaded connections,
  • Greases and lubricating pastes with microWHITE solid lubricants,
  • Solid film lubricants (also called ‘anti-friction coating’ or ‘AFC’) – the dry alternative for lubrication with oil- and grease.

Furthermore our portfolio includes a variety of ‚tribological tools‘ – excellent problem solvers vor assembly, production, maintenance and repair but also for the original equipment.

Again, highest performance is considered the benchmark!

The predictability and reliability of threaded connections is a subject of highest importance. With innovative microGLEIT dry film lubricants, sealants and solid film
lubricants we offer ideal, environmentally friendly solutions. Besides defining the coefficient of friction, corrosion protection is of immense relevance. From simple construction bolts, through thread-forming and self tapping screws to complex fittings in the automotive industry or mechanical engineering – microGLEIT has the right products!

Our lubricating pastes and greases make an important contribution to economic production and operation. Low assembly forces, wear-free assembly and safe running-in can be taken for granted. In continuous operation, vibrational wear, stick-slip and other forms of wear are reliably prevented and lower coefficients of friction are achieved for greater efficiency. For special requirements we have special „tribo-tools” – high temperatures, aggressive media, sensitive materials – we have the right answer for many requirements!

Dry, non-contaminant and efficient sliding surfaces are becoming increasingly important in all branches of industry. By precisely matching the requirements and the performance of the layers, our bonded coatings have established themselves as an important design element. Bonded coatings have proven their worth in a multitude of applications – their function ranges from effective assembly aid, improvement of running-in through to permanent lubrication of components.