microGLEIT® Black Products
The Classic Solid Lubrication

Molybdenum disulfide, graphite and other special ‘black’ solid lubricants are used in a variety of applications such as powders, pastes, greases and suspensions for special tribological challenges. Highest surface pressures or extremely high or low temperatures are typical applications. The special lattice structure of these materials makes it possible to create slip planes with sometimes very low coefficients of friction on the surfaces of the components. Especially at very low sliding speeds in combination with high surface pressures, the strengths of these solid lubricants are apparent. Since these solid lubricants lubricate well in the absence of oils, they are found in many applications at high temperatures – e.g. for hot forming (forging).

  • microGLEIT® black solid lubricants typically consist of synergistic mixtures of e.g. MoS2 and graphite and other solid lubricants. In conjunction with high-quality carrier media such as oils, metal soaps, binder resins, etc., lubricants are produced with the highest performance for which microGLEIT® is known.

Application of Black Products

  • Black products can be used in different stages of operation:
    ‣ assembly,
    ‣ running-in optimization,
    ‣ lifetime lubrication,
    ‣ under special operating conditions, e.g. high temperatures,
    ‣ as a release agent and lubricant during hot forming.
  • The metallurgically compatible formulation of the solid lubricants for lubrication at very high temperatures deserves particular attention – this prevents fatal effects on the material of the components, such as, for example, pitting, solder brittleness, cracking, changes in microstructure, etc.
  • microGLEIT® products with their special formulation are especially safe
  • Typical Applications of MoS2, Graphite and Similar.:
    Dry or powder lubrication of components made of metal or plastic – preferably at low sliding speeds and / or high pressures.
    Oil or grease lubrication of components made of metal (or plastics) – in conjunction with the solid lubricants, dispersions, pastes or greases, each adapted to the particular application, are used.

MoS2, Graphite and Co
For Extreme Loads and / or High Temperature


LG 210
MoS2 – High Performance Grease Lithium soap
mineral Oil, MoS2
2 -20 to +120 Multi purpose grease for roller bearings and plan bearings

LP 405
The Economic MoS2 – Paste Mineral oil,
SL with MoS2
2 -20 to +450 Standard assembly and running-in paste

LP 410 (S)
The Classic MoS2 – Paste Mineral oil,
SL with MoS2
2 -25 to +450 Assembly- and running-in paste; solves problems with mixed friction

LP 440 (S)
Special Paste for HV-Sets Bio-synthetic oil, special SL 2 -25 to +150 Special screw paste especially for HV-Sets; free of heavy metals

LP 450
Synthetic MoS2 – Paste Synthetic oil
SL with MoS2
2 -20 to +450 High temperature lubrication with mixed friction

LP 461
Graphite Casting Ladle Facing Synthetic oil,
1-2 -15 to +1200 Casting ladle facing (PDC)
high-temp. lubrication (Ejectors)

LP 465
High Temperature Paste Synthetic oil
special SL
2 -25 to +1100 High temperature lubrication with mixed friction; screw paste

LP 475 (S)
The Hot Screw Paste! Bio-synthetic oil, special SL 2 -40 to + 1200 Eco-friendly, metallurgically compatible screw paste

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