microGLEIT and COVENTYA take their previous, international sales cooperation to the next level. As a logical step COVENTYA and microGLEIT have pooled their resources in a joint venture with COVENTYA’s majority holding in microGLEIT.

The COVENTYA group is a leading, global supplier of specialised chemicals and processes for functional electroplating, especially for cathodic corrosion protection in automotive industries.

For over 20 years now microGLEIT has been the industry’s tribology partner reducing friction and wear – especially in German-speaking countries. microGLEIT in particular is the right partner when it is about defined friction values for threaded connections. microGLEIT is cutting edge technology – greases, lubrication pastes and fluids, dry film lubricants, top coats and anti friction coatings.

Both partner’s technologies are complementing each other ideally – the resulting synergies are yielding in multiple opportunities to master future tasks and challenges. For our customers the new partnership warrants that their expectations are met exactly. With this groundbreaking strategic step, a high level of innovative strength, global service and the long-term security of strong partners is created. microGLEIT products and services – For your competitive edge.