We Love Tribology!

For more than 20 years we are the partner of our customers when it is about ‚more than lubrication only‘. Our Know-How, services and premium lubricants – a package with synergy for the benefit of our customers. We are happy to meet the challenges of your requirements, so that the better lubrication contributes to more efficiency and less wear.

microGLEIT is supplying special lubricants for a wide range of applications – we especially focus on following product segments:

  • Dry film lubricants and sealants for all kinds of threaded connections
  • Lubricating greases and pastes with microWHITE solid lubricants
  • Solid film lubricants (Anti-Friction Coatings; AFC’s) – the dry alternative to lubrication with oils and greases

Our portfolio also includes:

  • ‚black‘ products with MoS2, graphite and other special solid lubricants,
  • top class screw pastes,
  • premium lubricating fluids,
  • inert special greases – media- and temperature resistant,
  • silicone based lubricants,
  • and some special, high-quality ‚liquid-tools‘ in spay cans (aerosols).

The requirements for the friction and wear-behaviour of tribological systems, and thus of the lubricant, are constantly increasing. The analysis and evaluation of the respective tribological system is a prerequisite for the selection of an optimal lubricant. Tribological expertise, know-how of methods, best product technology and longstanding experience are absolutely necessary to achieve best results.

That’s microGLEIT® – When it is about perfect lubrication!

Our Commitment